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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a sanford police chief vowing to keep kids safe from guns. i'm bob bob frier. >> fox 35 jackie orozco is live
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to do. >> reporter: the police chief says with all the recent gun violence he's created a specific task force to deal with it and try to get more guns off the street. >> the incident involving the young lady could have been preventible if the gun had been secured properly. >> reporter: the police chief is talking about 6-year-old aletha. she found a .45 caliber gun and fatally shot herself. police say 35-year-old eric williams was babysitting that night the gun went off. today he faced the judge. >> mr. williams, there is probable cause to hold you on suspicion of child neglect. >> reporter: the chief said because of this, he decided to hold a gun safety seminar next week, and next month the department will kick off its gun buyback program. >> we need to get the legal guns off the street, the guns that
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this is our effort to try to make our community safe. >> reporter: the little girl's death comes a month after hundreds rallied against gun violence in the community. even though her son has a long criminal history she says he's innocent in this case and that wasn't his gun. >> he has been in trouble with the law before. >> i didn't say that. you said that. >> reporter: he had a lengthy criminal record. >> that's way back in the past. he's fine. he's a lovely person. very kind. >> reporter: and the police chief says he is working to get violent crimes federally prosecuted. all that information about the gun buyback and the free seminar that he's hosting next week, all that information is on our website so check it out. reporting live at seminole county, jackie a roscoe. a pretty bad accident. this car flipped over. three people inside were trapped. the brevard county fire
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long time to get everyone out of that car. no word yet on injuries. new tonight, big changes to the way that marijuana cases are handled, at least in volucia county. >> if you're caught with marijuana doesn't mean you will automatically go to jail. today volucia county council members passed a resolution saying deputies had a choice of $100 fine instead of jail time. council members say that opinion towards marijuana has changed. >> it's just this day and age and obviously with the voters in florida and how they voted in the last election, the majority of people have a different view, and it's medicinal marijuana but they have a different view. >> the rules on pot will apply in unincorporated volucia and the beaches but not the cities. new at 6:00 the senate has given final approval to a bill that would make changes in florida's death penalty sentencing structure. >> this bill stems from a january u.s. supreme court
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sentencing system is unconstitutional. mike synan is joining us with more. >> reporter: lawmakers were desperate to find a fix. the supreme court said the death penalty was unconstitutional because judges not juries were making the final decisions on life and death. now ten of 12 jurors will have to recommend the death penalty for it to happen. the senate compromised. >> we don't pass a bill, our death penalty goes away. and i don't believe the house is going to be willing to let that happen, so why don't we send them the best possible product that we can send them? >> reporter: the measure now going to the governor's desk and he is expected to sign it. this bill does not deal with hundreds that are already on death row in florida. each of them will be seeking a hearing to see if they can get their sentence reduced to life in prison.
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battles. new tonight it's not every day a professor can do his or her part to say the world but ucf assistant professor is getting that chance. the sue was trying to figure out how long it takes to -- from weapons of mass destruction to break down after they have been destroyed with bombs. the grant comes from an agency under the department of defense. in tonight's evening rush, stephen, the security guard accused of killing a 27-year-old woman in her downtown apartment complex, was back in court today. orange county gentleman said the murder trial for october 10th. it was in february that a grand jury indicted him on charges of first-degree murder, attempted sexual battery, and burglary of
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he was a security guard at up town place apartments near downtown orlando. one person is injured after -- explodes at orlando speed world. it happened late last night as the victim was working on the bike. we're told he suffered burns to 30% of his body. the incident is being treated as an industrial accident. detectives are asking for the public's help in iding a robbery suspect. these are obviously photos of that suspect. detectives say it was sunday. the man is probably mid 20s, approached the windows, slipped a float to the employees demanding money and left with undisclosed amount. nobody was hurt during the incident. new tonight, the ride share service uber poised to begin a one of a kind partnership. that partnership is one year pilot project that would figure out the impact that ride sharing has on the city's mobility.
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the city will subsidize 20% of the cost of all uber trips that begin and end within the city limits. essentially the city hopes that more people will utilize uber to take them to and from the sunrail station. the race for the white house is heating up. even more than it was. no doubt everybody has an opinion on who should be our next president. >> sometimes that race can get a little ugly. fox 35's valley boyd explains. >> first day of early voting i was so excited. >> reporter: lieu volunteers for donald trump's campaign. he went to the library to show his support. >> i wanted to get there first signs. >> reporter: he placed 18 trump boulevard. >> and i was putting my candidate, waving signs, and then it happened. >> reporter: two men battered lou and stole from him. >> they started pulling out my trump signs.
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them and when that happened, one of them body slammed me to the ground, just bam, and there i am on the ground, and they continued to pull my signs. >> reporter: 66-year-old lou told deputies that the two suspects continued to laugh at him as he struggled to get back on his feet. >> i got up as quickly as i could, and when that happened i sprain some muscles and my leg -- i was on the sidewalk, and that's when i lose my hands, and they continued to pull my signs. >> reporter: lou says the suspects ran away then hopped into a car. one of his friends was able to take a picture of the license plate. deputies say the hispanic suspects are between 18 to 22-years-old. one was wearing a purple orlando city soccer shirt and dark pants. the other had a navy blue shirt with an orange logo, white hat and dark shorts. lou says everyone has a right to support a candidate and should
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>> donald trump, whom i believe is the savior that's going to replace, repair and build a new republican party, just because they don't believe in that they -- it doesn't give them the right to take my property, my signs. >> reporter: as deputies search for the suspects lou has a message for them. >> there are ways to express your feelings and this is not one of them. this is not one of them. we all have a right to say our peace. that is our first amendment right. >> reporter: in orange county, valerie boyd, fox 35 news. donald trump dominated in the super tuesday primaries. the republican establishment is pulling out all the stops to derail his campaign. they brought out mitt romney. romney spoke today in utah. he stressed the importance of keeping donald trump from becoming the nominee. romney criticized trump on a number of issues, including his
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>> let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. if donald trump's plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into bro longed recession. >> reporter: romney's speech had everyone on social media talking, most thought he was going to throw his hat in the ring and here are a few tweets that caught our eye. the team tweeted hash tag mitt romney showed his true colors today with his speech about donald trump. more after his speech. another voter said hash tag mitt romney yawn speech was so boring. donald trump has brought the light that the political climate changed while the gop stays in dream land and south carolina
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brilliant speech by at mitt romney. no one can ever question his love for our party and our country. bob. >> trump may have the lead right now but florida senator marco rubio not giving up. he opened an office in downtown orlando, and in jacksonville, tampa. the florida primary is march 15th. it is considered a must win for marco rubio. he and the other candidates will have another chance to try to win over voters later on tonight. fox news is hosting the very latest gop debate tonight in detroit. final preps are going on right now. the debate airs tonight, 9:00, on the fox news channel. you can also watch it streaming online at the countdown is on to the debut of the orlando pride. >> the team is gearing up for their season opener in a few weeks.
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one with one of the pride's biggest stars. we're going to have that coming up. our forecast in central florida looking good, plenty of sunshine earlier today. clouds are beginning to thicken up due to that cold front, and that front means a chance for showers tonight. more on that and more on your weekend coming up. tampa bay raids helped coordinate a sweet surprise for some kids at their preseason opener. today on wall street closes out thursday on a high note. up roughly 44 points.
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a sweet surprise for two
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>> the raid reunited patrick johnson with his family. check this out. >> hey, do i look familiar? hey, come here. you don't remember me? give me a hug. >> daddy. >> yes. >> it took a minute for the kids to register with their dad. they were escorted by their mom, julie, to the area in front of the picture sound to throw out the first pitch. patrick removed his catcher's mask and got in a group hug there. jackson says it was one of the greatest moments. >> that was awesome. i couldn't -- i can't -- i don't think i could ever imagine anything as beautiful as what happened today. this is awesome situation. >> jackson attended port charlotte high school and had served in the u.s. navy for 21 years. >> wonder how long he was gone.
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i understand why they wouldn't remember. >> hey, dad, you're playing for the rays. forecast for us here pretty nice. a little cool front for later on tonight. may get a sprinkle or two in and around orlando. may get a rain shower farther up to the north, but overall looks like it's not going to be much of a front and not going to cool us down a whole heck of a lot. we're looking good on radar, 77 in orlando. 76 in melbourne. 72 up towards the villages. a beautiful day today. so again, hope you had a chance to get out there and enjoy it. the winds are coming in mainly out of the west and southwest from about 6 miles per hour to as high as ten sustained winds with gusts higher than that. again, bringing up the moisture content a little bit but not much. the air is pretty dry. 32 in leesburg and 43 down in kissimmee. there is enough moisture to get some of the clouds in the upper
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still in great shape. downtown. today. just a little bit cooler than yesterday. 55 our early morning low. pretty much right on target for this time of the year. in our forecast this front is going to be moving on through, town. it will clear out quickly tomorrow as we go through the morning and afternoon and great weather rolls in for the upcoming weekend. the winds will be light, too. 69 in tampa. the same up in pensacola. where is the front? here is the front. the storm system. pushing off to the east, rain, snow right now snowing through ohio, also through pennsylvania, west virginia and into virginia. again this low is moving to our north. it's going to pull the cold front towards us. it's going to be fine. showing about 3:00 a.m. scattered showers in ocala. gainsville. by the time it tries to move into orlando by 7:30, pretty much gone, maybe a little sprinkle. the skies begin to clear as we go through the morning, and then
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roll through the afternoon and through the weekend. 79 tomorrow, 78 for both saturday and sunday. the great weather continues. nice and warm for next week.thanks. orlando city is a few days away from the opener and the pride's first ever game is not too far behind. >> reporter: in just a few weeks the orlando pride will walk through the gates behind me and they will begin their first ever training camp for their season, and the nwsl,. >> you know, i feel like i can call this place home now. i have a coach that believes in me. this organization is phenomenal. and just looking at the roster i know we haven't come together and trained but we have amazing names on it. and a lot of people that are phenomenal players. >> reporter: kyle played in
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the league and she thinks the pride can move into that spot. >> if we can put on a -- on games that sounds love to watch i think that's our job. it's going to be nice soccer to watch and that will get more and more fans coming out. >> reporter: the 27-year-old has been in orlando for a few weeks now. she said she is loving it, which could help her on if field. >> it's feeling comfortable in the city i'm living in. >> reporter: adam shadoff, fox 35 sports. iron has been on the stand for the last few days. >> testifying in her lawsuit against the marriott hotel and the man who recorded her in her hotel room. now her legal team is glanding that one of the hotel executives take the stand, and we'll be
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"dancing with the stars" host and sports reporter erin andrew has been in court the last couple weeks. she is suing a nashville
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her naked. the team is asking to grill a marriott executive caught watching that video. tmz is joining us to break it down. tell me, what's going on now? why was he watching the video allegedly? >> that's a great question. why were they watching it? and it doesn't look good for marriott. obviously the defense they do not want their executives neal peskind to go back on the stand because erin andrew people want to grill this guy. and in front of a jury it does not look good if the people that the defense in the lawsuit are mocking her behind her back during the trial with the key piece of evidence that is surrounding the trial. so the defense actually rested today. they are done. but we are told that erin andrew's attorney desperately want this guy back on the stand and they're going to be asking the judge to bring him back up
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so you know, this could be a smoking gun for erin when the jury goes up there and they -- the guy admits that he was doing this or the waitress that allegedly had to confront him to tell him to stop doing this, they get that waitress on the stand, it's not going to be good for marriott. >> i think it's ugly and uglier. the premise is such a violation for erin andrew to think she continues to get violated seems >> absolutely. and that's what that plays into, the fact then though this happened so long ago, erin continues to have to deal with the consequences of this man's actions that she is continually mocked, not getting any piece in it, to her the damages that she suffered, her mental and emotional state, this is a key piece of evidence that her team wants to use to show how bad she was wronged. >> all right. we'll have to see what happens,
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justice in this case. some beautiful weather. 79 degrees for tomorrow. clouds in the morning, chance for little shower during the overnight but a beautiful day for tomorrow. 78 degrees saturday. more great weather on sunday. the winds should be light for this weekend. and the outlook for next week gets warmer. looks like some computer models put us into the mid 80s. >> i'll be doing an event for easter
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